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eleclya: (F1: sleepy Felipe)
Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 09:52 am
My last few weeks in work have been as follows:

1 - All normal shifts except for one late
2 - All early shifts
3 - Normal, late, normal (cept I stayed lated), late, normal (cept I left early to use up hours from staying late Wednesday)
4 - Early, early (stayed an extra hour), late, early, early.

Sleep patterns gradually getting more and more screwed.

I turned off all my alarms this morning since I'm on a late and wanted to try and gain back a bit of extra sleep from all earlies I've done this week.

Cept I got woken up at 6am by my flatmate repeatedly going back and forth from her room to the kitchen and not bothering to think "oh it's 6am, maybe I should try and close doors quietly?" Seriously, 6am. I don't have to be in work til 11, but if I was on a normal shift I wouldn't even be awake by then (if I was on an early I would've already left ¬_¬). I know my door can be kinda noisy (it creaks like hell and I can't fix it) but I've checked with my flatmate if it's disturbed her up when I've been on an early shift and she was like "oh don't worry about it, I was up early myself, I had to be in for 8am so I was up by 6.30" so she clearly didn't hear it at all. There is no excuse for letting doors slam tho.

Is it just me or if you're living in accommodation specifically meant for hospital staff is it doubly important to be considerate about how much noise you're making and at what hours? You don't know what kinds of hours people are going to be working. Especially since I'm pretty sure it was my new flatmate (not the one who's been causing all the previous problems) that was up and about, and she we've not really talked yet so as far as she knows I could be a nurse who's been working night shifts. Or I could've been on the other side of the country yesterday and only got in at midnight (perfectly likely, it's happened to me several times). Slamming doors at that kind of hour is just stupidly inconsiderate.

*sigh* whatever. Only one more week, then I get my own place. I should probably go get ready to go to work now. Whatever. I can just sleep through once everyone else goes and get Owen to wake me when it's time to lock up (least I'm not on my own).

...I want new flat nao -___-
eleclya: (Tennis: Rafa nom)
Monday, July 27th, 2009 03:27 am
Ok, so I'm not gonna deny that I fangirl my boys when they're just being dorky and silly and pretty and stuff. That would be stupid and everyone would know it was untrue.

But nothing, and I mean nothing will make me fangirl someone more than witnessing a display of pure raw talent and flair. And if they step away from that moment of epic and immediately lay the credit at someone else's feet, I will fangirl even more. And if they then bounce off into the distance being dorky and silly and wonderful, then the fangirling will go through the roof.

This is an epic F1 post )

Anyway, since no fangirl post of mine is complete without a picspam...

Just as a comparison, here is the start of 2009 )

Whereas this week was:

Also, this post was done entirely in the time I was supposed to be asleep. Why the fuck am I not tired? It's nearly 6am and I've not had any sleep. Another hour and a half and I will have been up 24hours O.o