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Sunday, September 11th, 2011 12:19 am

Roberto Soldado is fucking epic. Seriously, he's just always looking for more, he's so confident rn, when he misses goals now it's more like "FUCK, next time it hits the back of the net" whereas this time last year it was like he was just aching for those goals to happen that he was too anxious to get them, pulling the trigger too early, overshooting, and it looked like it hurt him every time. Now it's like he's going into every matching thinking "I WILL score" rather than "I hope I can score" and it's fucking fabulous.

Vicente Guaita you goddam hero. Defense was quite frankly appalling today. I mean appalling by Valencia's standards. Boy looked like he was torn between wanting to smack the lot of them around and tell them to get in line and do their fucking jobs and just saying "oh fuck off already I'll get it, just stay out of my way". He was amazing tho, he was ready for every single thing that was thrown his way. Even when he ended up getting into inappropriate possitions with Rami he still managed to make the save XD I miss Cesar, but fuck, with Guaita playing like that it's more a case of "awww I miss our abuelo it's not the same without him around" rather than the "holy crap we don't have Cesar we're doomed" that we used to get whenever he couldn't play. Boy's fucking solid and I love him forever.

My love for hobbit Piatti is growing rather fast. He just zooms about the pitch like a little rocket creating chances by nipping about through everyone and getting forward before they can catch him, I love it. Even if they do keep beating him up :< He's only teeny, leave him 'lone. If that's the only way you can catch him well you're doin something wrong.

Unai Emery, I will never understand you but you will always entertain me. Part of the "can't breathe for the last 20 minutes" thing wasn't just from the defensive fail, for the last 4 minutes they just kept showing Emery flailing and honestly, I have never seen him quite that bad. Even my commentator was laughing, he was just like wtffffff. He looked like he was torn between yelling at EVERYONE and having a nervous breakdown, he was doing crazy miming that probably didn'wouldn't even make sense to him if you played them back, never mind the boys on the pitch. I was literally in hysterics, he was just there like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DON'T DO THAT, GO OVER THERE, NO OVER THERE, WHY DID YOU DO THAT, EVERYTHING IS FAIL, WHY AM I WITH THIS TEAM, STOP BEING SHIT, NO YOU STILL AREN'T DOING IT RIGHT, WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ANY OF MY SIGN LANGUAGE, IF I FLAIL MORE WILL YOU UNDERSTAND, NO STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT AND JUST DEFEND GOD DAMN YOU" and then I died. See, as much as he pisses me off at times I can't help but love him. He is basically like an embodiment of the ultimate Valencia fan, he loves the team so much, lives every second of every minute of every match with them (I swear matches like today he walks away more tired that the players), he's basically convinced that if he shouts enough and flails enough and wants enough then that ball will hit the back of the net, he's like every fan that's sat at home screaming at their tv screens except he gets to do it as a job. It's pure passion and nothing less. I can't hate someone like that.

....why do I love this team again? Oh yeah, coz they're all crazy fuckers who just want it TOO MUCH and I love that passion and when it works they are fucking AMAZING.

Oh, also, my commentator was going on about how good it was too see the Valencia crowd cheering like mad coz sometimes they demand too much from their team, even more so than even the Real Madrid or Barca fans. First off, dude, wtf have the Barca crowd got to demand? Also, I say the team attracts fans of a smiliar nature. Valencia is a team of crazy flailing boys who have the potential to be goddam amazing and they know it and nothing frustrates them more than missing that potential. Their fans are a bunch of crazies flailing about who can see just how much this team can do and who want to see that realised. When they are out there giving their all, giving too much, doing everything they can no matter how scrappy, we appreciate that every time. It's when they're being slow, not hooking up properly, not fixing these problems, that's when you get a ratty Valencia crowd. And yeah, we can be damn pissy in those types of matches, but it's only because we know that they can be so much more.