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Monday, January 2nd, 2012 01:59 pm
I am bored. I want shinypretties. Here are mai OTPs of right now.

They are so snuggly (also hai Chente :'3 )

And like making kissyfaces at each other :3

Lookit Rober's squishyface, LOOKIT IIIIIIIIIT X3

Yeah Rober, you just keep pulling on Aritz's shit like that

Mata sweetie, they're trying to have a Moment


Happiness *__________*

It's always Rober that he looks to, always.

Squishy faces of AWWWWWWWWW

Bonus Jordi coz lol could he look any happier at being in the middle of a Solduriz sandwich?

lololol sorry Rober but you ain't getting away XD

Ahahahahaha Cesar eyeing Aritz up while clinging to Rober, he's playing with fire and he knows it >D

This just turned up on my dashboard literally 30 seconds ago and I died. DIED.



And I finish with...

Neck kissing and ass-gropage *__________*

And Aritz reaching past everyone to stroke Rober's neck. As you do.

And of course

My favourite boys of "personal space? What's that mean?"

I will never learn to deal with the look of utter glee on Rob's face. It does funny things to my heart

Squishy feelings of squishiness :3

Heeeee I just love how Felipe looks like "Rooooob I'm trying to drink here, there's plenty of time for making out later"

And so begins the greatest series of pics in the history of anything ever

Valencia08 is my happiest happy place ever

Which makes sense really

Valencia is clearly a city which encourages making out and being all over each other.

I just love how comfortable they are sharing each others' space :3

lololol feeling a bit of a third wheel there Matteo? Gotta be difficult when they do that thing where they forget the rest of the world exists X3

fml could they look more couply?

Oh. Apparently so.

Hair pulling. That is all.

Ok so I may have a kinda thing for Felipe's hand in Rob's hair. Idek.


Be more obvious Felipe

So squishy :3

My heart just can't take that kind of perfection x____X


*starts singing* THE LOOK OF LOVE

I should point out I may have a minor fascination with Felipe's hips/waist. This may in fact mean that I die a little bit every time I see this picture.

There will be gifs of this PERFECT MOMENT

Squishy feelings :3

Felipe: If I give him the pouty puppy-dog eyes for long enough will he give in and kiss me?


No comment needed XD


Fucking HAIR PULLING *_________*

In my mind they are TOTALLY MAKING OUT THERE


Bantery silly teasing boys are my favouritest :3

Yeah Felipe you just climb all over him why don't you XP


...........ok, I'll stop now XD

[gifs/screencaps from FuckYeahSolduriz, FuckYeahFelipeMassa and tumblr in general]